Doubles and Triples Endorsement Test 2024

Doubles and Triples Endorsement Test 2024: Try our free Commercial Driver’s License Permit Test (CDL) Doubles and Triples Endorsement Test in the USA: There are 50 question answers to test your knowledge in the Doubles and Triples Endorsement exam.

This section has the information you need to pass the CDL Doubles and Triples Endorsement knowledge test for driving safely with double and triple trailers. It tells about how important it is to be very careful when driving with more than one trailer, how to couple and uncouple correctly, and about inspecting doubles and triples carefully. You must have both a Class “A” Commercial Driver License and a Double/Triple Endorsement before driving a set of doubles or triples.

Doubles and Triples Endorsement Test 2024

Doubles and Triples Endorsement Test

Test Name CDL Practice Test 2024
Language English
License Endorsements Permit
Total Questions 10 sample questions
Test For Commercial Driver License
Test Preparation Doubles and Triples Endorsements
Country USA
Explanation yes
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CDL Doubles and Triples Practice Test

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When inspecting the lower fifth wheel, check that locking jaws are around the head of the kingpin, not the shank.

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To check that air flows to all the trailers, you open the emergency line shut-off valve at the rear of the last trailer; you should hear air escaping. Open the service line valve to check that service pressure goes through all the trailers.

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You should pull a dolly out from under a trailer after you disconnect it from the trailer in front.

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To check whether or not convert dollies are equipped with ABS, check for a yellow lamp

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For safest handling on the road, the more heavily loaded semi-trailer should be in the first position behind the tractor.

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How do you check to make sure that trailer height is correct before coupling?

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When inspecting the converter dolly, if a spare tire is carried, make sure it is secure. Make sure the pintle-eye of the dolly is in place in the pintle hook of the trailers.

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What is a coupling device of 1 or 2 axles and a fifth wheel by which a semi- trailer can be coupled to the rear of a tractor-trailer combination forming a double bottom rig?

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How many methods are there to secure a second trailer before coupling?

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The shut off valves at the rear of the front trailers should be

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