CDL Passenger Transport Practice Test 2023 Questions Answers

CDL Passenger Transport Practice Test 2023 Questions Answers: соmmеrсіаl drіvеr’ѕ license (CDL)  Passenger Transport Endorsements Permit Test.

Bus and van drivers must have a commercial driver’s license if they drive a vehicle designed to seat more than 15 persons, including the driver. However, you are not considered a bus driver if you only carry family members for personal reasons.

Bus drivers must have a passenger endorsement on their commercial driver’s license. To get the endorsement, you must pass a written test. You must also pass the performance tests required for the class of vehicle you drive. This chapter has the information you must know to drive a bus safely.

CDL Passenger Transport Practice Test 2023 Questions Answers

CDL Passenger Transport Practice Test 2023

Test Name CDL Practice Test 2023
Language English
License Endorsements Permit
Total Questions 30
Test For Commercial Driver License
Test Preparation  Passenger Endorsement
Country USA
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Passenger Transport Endorsements Permit Test

Passenger Transport Endorsements Permit Test
Total Question: 30
Time Limit: N/A
Passing Marks: 80%

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A hazardous material is a material that poses a risk to

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When you arrive at a streetcar crossing, what should you do?

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While driving,

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n which situation is it most likely that you will accidentally scrape off your mirror?

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A charter bus carrying agricultural workers may have a maximum of ______ temporary seats in the aisle.

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When you have a drunk and disorderly passenger on board you should

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On a pre-trip inspection of your bus, make sure that

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Bus riders should not stand

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Which of the following is an acceptable load of hazardous material on a bus?

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Which of the following must you check during the pre-trip inspection?

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Which of these statements about railroad crossings describes a safe practice?

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Before accepting a hazardous material for transportation, check that the container has which of the following?

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The proper size and shape of a hazard label is a

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Every banked curve has a specific

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What distance must you stop your bus in front of railroad crossings?

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When driving a bus around a banked curve, you should

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Which of the following is legally permitted in the passenger area of a bus?

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You do not have to stop, but must slow down and carefully check for other vehicles at

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When a drawbridge has an attendant, which of the following should you do?

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Before driving, always check to make sure that

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When refueling your bus at a rest stop, which of these is the best practice?

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When transporting passengers on a charter bus, never

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Buses may carry which of the following hazardous materials?

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When driving a busload of passengers, which of the following is a proper practice?

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Which of these statements is true of the brake and accelerator interlock system?

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You are approaching a drawbridge that has no lights or traffic control attendant. You must

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Federal regulations require each bus to have

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You should mention to passengers the rules about smoking, drinking, and the use of radios and tape players

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When pulling out into traffic from a bus stop, you should

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When must you check the bus for safety and defects?

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