CDL Hazmat Test Questions and Answers 2024 [PDF]

CDL Hazmat Test Questions and Answers 2024 [PDF]: You can also download соmmеrсіаl drіvеr’ѕ license (CDL) Hazardous Material Endorsement Practice Test PDF for better-written test preparation.

You must have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) with a hazardous materials endorsement before driving vehicles carrying hazardous materials that require placards. You must pass a written test on the regulations and requirements to get this endorsement.

Our  CDL Hazmat Test Questions and Answers PDF will help you prepare for the written test. However, this is only the beginning. Most drivers need to know much more on the job. You can learn more by reading and understanding the federal and state rules applicable to hazardous materials as well as attending hazardous materials training courses.

CDL Hazmat Test Questions and Answers PDF

CDL Hazmat Test Questions and Answers

Test Name CDL Practice Test 2024
Language English
License Endorsements Permit
Total Questions 30
Test For Commercial Driver License
Test Preparation Hazardous Material  Endorsements
Country USA
Explanation No
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CDL Hazardous Materials Test

CDL Hazardous Materials Test

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Corrosive liquids should never be loaded next to or above

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Which of the following combinations of materials in the same vehicle is allowed?

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If a shipment contains hazardous materials requiring placards, who is responsible for placarding the vehicle?

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What does a star after an entry in the List of Hazardous Substances and Reportable Quantities mean?

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Besides the material’s hazard class, what else determines which placards you must use?

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What does the transport index on a package label tell you?

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You have had an accident while transporting hazardous materials. In which of the following circumstances must you or your employer phone the National Response Center?

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Which three classes of hazardous materials should not be loaded in a cargo space that has a heater?

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You are transporting Class B explosives and your vehicle breaks down. What should you use to signal for help?

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Your load contains 10 pounds of radioactive material, 500 pounds of flammable gas, and 1,000 pounds of nonflammable gas. What placards do you need?

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The person watching someone load or unload a cargo tank must be within ____ feet of the tank

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A driver transporting _________ in cargo tanks must have an approved gas mask in the vehicle.

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The _________ pays for the cleanup of contaminated parking lots, roadways, and drainage ditches caused by cargo leakage.

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You discover a fire in your vehicle while transporting hazardous materials. Which of the following is a proper procedure?

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Under which of the following circumstances must you stop before crossing railroad tracks?

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You must carry with you a written route plan when transporting

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You should not transport substances that are “Forbidden.” In which column of the Hazardous Materials Table should you look to determine if a material you have been given by a shipper is forbidden?

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If hazardous material is spilling from your vehicle, what should you do?

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A placarded vehicle must have _____ identical placards.

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You should not smoke or carry a lighted cigarette, cigar, or pipe within 25 feet of any vehicle that contains

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Your vehicle is involved in a collision while you are transporting explosives. Which of the following is a proper thing to do?

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If you discover a cargo leak, what should you do?

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You cannot have overhang or tailgate loads of

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A package labeled _________ should not be loaded in the driver’s cab or sleeper.

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You are transporting Division 1.1 explosives and you need to park and leave your vehicle. You may let someone else watch your vehicle if your vehicle is

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You are transporting hazardous materials in a vehicle with dual tires and have just checked your tires for proper inflation. How soon must you stop and check your tire pressure again?

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For any package labeled INHALATION HAZARD, the vehicle transporting that package must have ______ placards

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n order to determine which placards you must use for a particular hazardous material, which column of the Hazardous Materials Table should you check?

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With which division(s) of explosives must you use a floor lining?

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f you are transporting hazardous cargo, what is an acceptable place to keep the shipping papers?

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