CDL Combination Test Questions and Answers 2024

CDL Combination Test Questions and Answers 2024: Our CDL combination vehicles practice test will help you to pass the tests for combination vehicles Endorsements written test (tractor-trailer, doubles, triples, straight truck and trailer). The Combination Test Questions and Answers is only to give you the minimum knowledge needed for a written test of combination vehicles.

Combination vehicles are usually heavier, longer, and require more driving skills than single commercial vehicles. This means that drivers of combination vehicles need more knowledge and skill than drivers of single vehicles. In this chapter, we talk about some important safety factors that apply specifically to combination vehicles.

CDL Combination Test Questions and Answers 2024

CDL Combination Test Questions and Answers

Test Name CDL Practice Test 2024
Language English
License Endorsements Permit
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Test For Commercial Driver License
Test Preparation Combination vehicles Endorsements
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CDL Combination Vehicles Test

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What will happen if the service air line comes apart while you are driving a combination vehicle?

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How much space should be between the upper and lower fifth wheel after coupling?

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The air leakage rate for a combination vehicle (engine off, brake off) should be less than _________ psi per minute

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Which of the following may happen if the tractor protection valve doesn’t work right?

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The earliest and best way to recognize that your trailer has started to skid is by

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Fully loaded rigs are __________ times more likely to rollover in a crash than empty rigs

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When coupling, the fifth wheel jaws should close around the __________________ of the kingpin.

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When should the trailer hand valve be used?

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In combination vehicles, the trailer service brake should be tested with the ________, but controlled in normal operation with the _________.

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Which of the following is the correct definition of offtracking?

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The standard following distance behind other vehicles is at least

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To supply air to the trailer air tanks in a combination vehicle, you must

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Which of the following reduces the risk of rollover?

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When coupling a tractor and semitrailer, you must lock the kingpin into the fifth wheel. Which is the best way to check the connection?

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When coupling with a semitrailer, back the tractor up

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When coupling a tractor to a semitrailer, what should you hook up before backing under the trailer?

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What are the two purposes of the emergency air line on combination vehicles?

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When the wheels of a trailer lock up and the trailer begins to swing around ______ is likely to occur.

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Your trailer has begun to skid. You should

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Failure to keep the _________ lubricated could cause steering problems because of friction between tractor and trailer.

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When parking trailers without spring brakes, use _________ to safely secure the vehicle.

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You are coupling a tractor and semitrailer, and ready to back your trailer under a semi-trailer. When is the trailer at the right height?

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Why should the trailer glad hands be locked together or attached to “dead end,” or dummy, couplers when not in use?

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The “normal” position of the trailer air supply control is used for

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The tractor protection valve will close automatically if air pressure is low or in the range of

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Which of the following is a coupling device used to connect the service and emergency air lines from the truck or tractor to the trailer?

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After the tractor has coupled with the semitrailer, in what position should you put the front trailer supports, or landing gear, before driving away?

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If the service and emergency air lines are crossed when hooking up an old trailer, what will happen?

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When lowering the landing gear of a loaded trailer,

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Emergency lines on combination vehicles are often color coded to keep them from getting mixed up. The service lines are coded with the color __________, and the emergency lines are coded with the color __________ .

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