Arizona Motorcycle Permit Test 2024 Study Guide

Arizona Motorcycle Permit Test 2024 Study Guide (PDF) with updated new rules of the official Arizona Division of the Arizona Department of Transportation (AZDOT) Class M learner permit practice questions and answers. The AZ motorcycle license written test is conducted by Arizona DMV.

Arizona issues a motorcycle license that does not expire until age 65. However, your photo and eye test will need to be updated every 12 years. If you are applying for an AZ motorcycle license, you will need to study the Motorcycle Operator Manual.

Arizona Motorcycle Permit Test 2024 Study Guide PDF

Arizona Motorcycle Permit Test

AZ DMV Motorcycle Practice Test PDF

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Arizona Motorcycle License

Licenses are issued by “class”: M for motorcycle, G for graduated, D for the operator, and A, B, and C for commercial. If the class M license is combined with any other class of license, it will be added as an “endorsement” (L or M) on the back of the current license.

Class M (Motorcycle)

A motorcycle license permit or endorsement is required to operate a motorcycle or motor-driven cycle. You must be at least 16 years of age to apply for a motorcycle license or endorsement.

Class G (Graduated) with an Endorsement

A Graduated Driver’s License with a motorcycle endorsement is issued to an applicant who is at least 16, but less than 18 years of age and is valid to operate any vehicle that does not require a commercial license.

Class D (Operator) with an Endorsement

An operator license with a motorcycle endorsement allows you to drive any vehicle that does not require a commercial license. You must be at least 18 years of age to apply for an operator license.

Class A, B or C (CDL) with an Endorsement

The minimum age for a commercial driver’s license (CDL) is 21. If you are at least 18, you may apply for an intrastate commercial driver’s license that is valid only in Arizona.

AZ Motorcycle License Written Test

If you are at least 15 years and 6 months old, you may be issued a motorcycle instruction permit. If you are a first-time driver, you will be required to pass both a driver’s license and a motorcycle operator written test. If you already hold a driver’s license instruction permit or license, you need only take the motorcycle operator written test.

Test Name AZ Permit Test 2024
Purpose Motorcycle license
Test mode Computer Based Test
Total Items 30
Items Type Multiple Choice Questions
Passing Marks 80%
Retake 3 times/year
Time Limit 40 minutes

When applying for your first Arizona driver’s license or instruction permit with a motorcycle endorsement, you must pass a written motorcycle test based on the information contained in this manual, and a separate driver’s license test based on the information in the Arizona Driver License Manual and Customer Service Guide.

The written motorcycle license examination is available in English and Spanish. If you cannot take a written test, arrangements can be made for an oral examination. If you need an interpreter, you must provide one.

Motorcycle Skills Test

The motorcycle skills test is a 10- to a 15-minute demonstration of your riding ability that consists of performing maneuvers on an off-street, closed track as described in the manual.

Arizona Motorcycle Permit Test Study Guide

These manuals and Study Guides are designed to help you obtain a driver’s license or an instruction permit by explaining the Arizona motor vehicle laws without using technical language.

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