DMV Motorcycle Licence Permit Test 2024

DMV Motorcycle Licence Permit Test 2024: This Permit Test will help riders learn how to safely ride and handle a motorcycle along with how to pass the knowledge and skills tests. Experience makes for a better and safer motorcyclist.

Objectively assessing motorcycle riding skills and knowledge is difficult at best, and it is even harder for friends and relatives to be completely honest about their own skills.

Taking a knowledge test is the best way to determine if a potential rider has the minimum knowledge necessary to safely ride a motorcycle on the highway.

DMV Motorcycle Licence Permit Test

DMV Motorcycle Licence Permit Test

Permit Test for Motorcycle Permit Test
Class Endorsement (M)
Total Questions 30
Questions Type Sample Multiple Choice
Time Duration N/A
County Any States-USA
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Motorcycle License Permit Practice Test

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A plastic shatter-resistant face shield:

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Reflective clothing should:

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If you are being chased by a dog, you should:

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If your front tire locks while braking, you should:

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Usually, a good way to handle tailgaters is to:

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If you wait one hour per drink for the alcohol to be eliminated from your body before riding:

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As an operator, you should prepare a passenger to ride by instructing them to do each of the following, except:

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When operating a motorcycle on a slippery surface, you should:

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Making eye contact with other drivers:

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If you are chased by a dog

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To reduce your reaction time, you should:

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When riding with a heavy load, you will want to adjust the:

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Most crashes happen:

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When an operator's left arm is extended straight out to the left, it means the operator:

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When riding, you should:

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The front brake supplies how much of a motorcycle's potential stopping power?

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If you think stopping your motorcycle will take longer than usual, you should:

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If your friend has been drinking alcohol, it is a good idea to do any of the following, except:

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When riding at night, you should do all of the following, except:

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When stopping, it is best to:

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As a motorcycle operator, you can help others see you by:

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When riding a three-wheeled motorcycle through a curve, it is best to:

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If your motorcycle starts to wobble:

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Which fabric provides the best protection for motorcycle riders?

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If your motorcycle starts to wobble, it is best to:

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It is MOST important to flash your brake light when:

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To lessen your chances of being involved in a crash, you should:

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When it starts to rain it is usually best to:

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Motorcycle headlights are:

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Small vehicles can appear ______ and seem to be traveling ______ than they actually are.

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