Motorcycle Licence Permit Test (Question Answers)

Motorcycle Licence Permit Test (Question Answers): The motorcycle knowledge test can be taken at any county driver’s license office. The fee for the test is $5.00. The test questions are based on information and concepts found in the official state’s handbook.

There are 25 Motorcycle Licence Permit Practice Test Question Answers. To pass the test you must correct 20 questions (80%).

To pass the test, the motorcyclist must know and understand highway rules and safe riding skills. Failing the test will require a waiting period of 3 days before retesting and repaying the $5.00 fee.

Motorcycle Licence Permit Test 2023

Motorcycle Licence Permit Test

Permit Test for Motorcycle Permit Test
Class Endorsement (M)
Total Questions 30
Questions Type Sample Multiple Choice
Time Duration N/A
County Any States-USA
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Motorcycle License Permit Practice Test

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A motorcyclist is well-protected if they are wearing:

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Long-term exposure to wind noise

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To reduce your reaction time, you should:

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When riding in rain or fog, you should:

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More than half of all motorcycle crashes:

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Signals on a motorcycle:

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When riding with a passenger, the operator should:

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To be effective, a face shield should not:

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Mirror checks:

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One of the benefits of performing regular maintenance on your motorcycle is that:

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Motorcycles must be equipped with all of the following, except:

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When preparing to pass another vehicle on the left, which portion of the lane should you ride in?

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If you are not traveling slowly enough when shifting into a lower gear, the:

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The gearshift lever is operated by:

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To control your motorcycle well, you should:

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It is best to not ride directly alongside another vehicle because:

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Head and neck injuries can be reduced by:

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A pre-ride inspection should:

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When a crash occurs, most involved riders:

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A windshield:

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If a tire goes flat while you are riding and you must stop, you should:

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When selecting a helmet, it is important that all of the following are true, except:

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To adjust for added weight when riding with a passenger, you should:

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Clothing made of which type of material can offer the best protection to motorcyclists?

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When looking for a protective jacket or pair of pants, you should look for:

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When riding in a group, inexperienced riders should ride

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A leather jacket:

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When preparing to pass another vehicle, you should ride in the left portion of your lane because:

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To lean a motorcycle when making a turn, you should:

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To accommodate a passenger, you may have to:

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