Motorcycle Licence Written Test

Motorcycle Licence Written Test: Try our free DMV Motorcycle Licence Permit Written Test free. If testing on a three-wheel vehicle (sidecar, trike, etc.) a three-wheel only restriction will be added to the endorsement on your driver’s license.

There are 25 multiple choice questions answers. You can practice the sample written test questions answers. You must secure 80% score in the Motorcycle Licence Written Test.

Riding a motorcycle can be safe and fun when the rider becomes more knowledgeable and skilled. Enhanced licensing requirements along with quality motorcycle rider education and increased public awareness have the potential to reduce the number and severity of motorcycle crashes.

Motorcycle Licence Written Test

Motorcycle Licence Written Test

Permit Test for Motorcycle Permit Test
Class Endorsement (M)
Total Questions 30
Questions Type Sample Multiple Choice
Time Duration N/A
County Any States-USA
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Motorcycle License Permit Practice Test

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What may help if you experience slippage of your drive chain?

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A passenger should never:

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To swerve correctly:

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When approaching a blind intersection with a stop sign, riders should:

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Fatigue can be increased by:

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Studies show that most crash-involved riders:

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Intersections are usually:

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You can increase your visibility by:

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When carrying a passenger, a motorcyclist should tell the passenger to:

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When you are being passed, you should:

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The only way to rid your body of alcohol is through:

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Which of the following types of clothing can help you to be seen by other drivers?

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When is it important for a rider to use their mirrors?

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A pre-ride inspection usually takes:

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When riding, the best protection for an operator is:

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To provide the best protection to the wearer, boots or shoes should:

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Your lane position should do all of the following, except:

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A plastic, shatter-resistant face shield protects the wearer from:

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A wobble, or shaking of the front wheel and handlebars, may be caused by:

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Where is the greatest potential for conflict between motorcycle operators and other drivers?

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In which of the following situations should you increase your following distance?

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Making eye contact with another driver:

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A group of riders should merge onto a highway in:

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If using a sidecar to transport a load, you should:

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If the chain or belt of your motorcycle breaks, you will:

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The center portion of a lane:

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A thorough check of your motorcycle:

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When riding a motorcycle, you should:

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You should completely check your motorcycle:

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How does the stopping distance for motorcycles compare to the stopping distance for cars?

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