DMV Motorcycle Permit Test 2024

DMV Motorcycle Permit Test 2024: Try our free real Motorcycle Licence Permit Written Exam test by DMV. Riding a motorcycle can be safe and fun when the rider becomes more knowledgeable and skilled.

Enhanced licensing requirements along with quality motorcycle rider education and increased public awareness have the potential to reduce the number and severity of motorcycle crashes.

The DMV Motorcycle knowledge test questions are based on information, best permit practices, and concepts found in the official DMV manual. To ride a motorcycle a valid driver’s license (Class A, B, C or D) and a motorcycle endorsement (M) on that driver’s license is required. Try our DMV Motorcycle Permit Test to get a Motorcycle Licence Permit.

 Motorcycle Permit Test 2024

DMV Motorcycle Permit Test 2024

Permit Test for Motorcycle Permit Test
Class Endorsement (M)
Total Questions 30
Questions Type Sample Multiple Choice
Time Duration N/A
County Any States-USA
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Motorcycle License Permit Practice Test

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Most motorcycles have rounded, or convex, mirrors. These mirrors:

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A plastic, shatter-resistant face shield:

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A face shield should:

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The front brake:

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If you must brake and swerve to avoid a hazard, you should:

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When riding, a cushion of space is helpful to:

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Which of the following is not important when looking for a motorcycle helmet?

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Which of the following statement is true When you ride, your gear is “right”?

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To lessen your chances of being involved in an accident, you should:

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If you accidentally lock your rear wheel while braking on a good traction surface, you should:

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Most motorcycle crashes happen:

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The proper body position on a motorcycle:

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When following another vehicle as a beginning rider, you should:

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If your front wheel skids as a result of braking, you should:

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Which portion of the lane should be avoided?

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When deciding on a lane position, you should:

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When riding with a passenger, the operator should:

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Where is the throttle usually located?

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To get the best possible protection, wear a helmet that:

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When carrying a passenger on a motorcycle, you must:

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The proper body position on a motorcycle:

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When adjusting your rearview mirror, be sure you can:

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Which of the following does not offer protection to a motorcycle rider?

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When looking through a turn to see where you are going, you should:

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Where is the clutch lever usually located?

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Which type of sign is yellow with black lettering or symbols?

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You should use a larger cushion of space:

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If you cannot avoid a slippery road, you should:

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If the road is wet, you should avoid:

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The best way to stop quickly is to

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