Motorcycle Permit Practice Test

Motorcycle Permit Practice Test: We provide free original Motorcycle Licence permit practice question answers. The following test may help your upcoming DMV written test.

If a motorbike has been self-certified as a motorcycle, the rider must have a motorcycle endorsement on the driver’s license. Local law enforcement may require riders of other motorbikes to have a motorcycle endorsement when used on highways.

Being a responsible motorcycle rider can be safe and fun. It requires additional skills and a heightened sense of awareness about other highway users, traffic, and environmental conditions. Responsible riders manage potential problems and avoid dangerous situations.

Motorcycle Permit Practice Test

Motorcycle Permit Practice Test

Permit Test for Motorcycle Permit Test
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Motorcycle License Permit Practice Test

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When it starts raining, it is usually best to:

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If taking a long trip, you should:

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When riding a motorcycle, you should:

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When turning left, you should:

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A motorcyclist should continually scan the road ahead for:

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If you are feeling tired while riding, you should:

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Reflective clothing should:

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Making eye contact with other drivers:

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Crashes are more likely to occur among:

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Most crashes occur during the day. To lessen the chance of being involved in a crash, you should:

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As weight transfers to the front of your bike while you are braking, you should:

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To stop quickly, you should:

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When you park a motorcycle next to a curb, it should be:

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When adjusting your mirrors, you should focus on:

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If your motorcycle has convex mirrors and you are not familiar with this type of mirror, you should practice using the mirrors because:

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When riding in a group, inexperienced riders should position themselves:

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When being passed from behind, you should:

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The clothing you wear while riding should protect you from all of the following, except:

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If you can’t avoid a dangerously slippery surface, you should:

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You should check your tires for all of the following, except:

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When checking tire pressure:

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The best source of information for your motorcycle is:

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If you must stop quickly in a curve, you should:

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On a slippery surface, you should not:

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It is most important to flash your brake light when:

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If your motorcycle begins to wobble, you should:

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When planning a long group ride, which of the following ideas should not be implemented?

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It is a good idea to wear reflective clothing:

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Studies show that nearly ______ of riders killed in motorcycle crashes had been drinking.

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You should do a pre-ride inspection:

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