G1 Rules of the Road Practice Test 2023 (50 Questions Answers)

G1 Rules of the Road Practice Test 2023 (50 Questions Answers). Try our free Ontario G1 Driving licence practice test for free. There are a total of 50 sample questions with explanations for the G1 Rules of the Road knowledge test.

The following G1 Rules of the Road Practice Test questions will give you an idea of what to expect on the knowledge test. All knowledge-test questions follow this multiple-choice format. The answers to these sample questions are provided at the bottom of the page.

G1 Rules of the Road Practice Test 2023 (50 Questions Answers)

G1 Rules of the Road Practice Test 2023

Name of the test G1 Ontario Driving Practice Test
Class G1 and G2
Test Type Computer Based Test
Total Questions 50 Multiple Choice
Topics Rules of the Road
Langauge English
Printable PDF Yet to come!
Requirements Canadian Citizenship
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G1 Rules of the Road Practice Test 2

G1 Rules of the Road Practice Test 2
Total Question: 50
Passing Marks: 80%
Explanation Available: YES
Language: English

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Drivers who have vision restrictions noted on their driver’s licence must always wear glasses or contact lenses when

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When it is safe to do so, passing other vehicles on the right side

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A driver may be required to attend an interview and re-examination of his driving ability

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Which of the following hand-and-arm signals is correct for slowing or stopping?

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When a truck becomes disabled on the highway, where the speed limit is in excess of 60 km/h flares or reflectors must be placed approximately what distance ahead of and to the rear of the disabled vehicle?

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The police have the right to stop any driver they suspect is impaired. If you refuse to take a breathalyzer test, your licence will be suspended immediately for

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If you are neither passing somebody nor making a left turn, where you should drive your vehicle?

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When a streetcar is stopped to pick up or discharge passengers and there is a safety island, what does the law require you to do?

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At night when you meet another vehicle with blinding bright lights, the safest thing to do is

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Unless otherwise posted, the maximum speed limit on the highway outside of a city, town, village or built-up area is

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What is the only effective way to remove alcohol from your body?

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When you are deciding whether or not to make a U turn, your first consideration should be to check

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Under the Highway Traffic Act, if you are convicted of driving while your licence is a suspended, assuming it is your first offence, you will

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If you are involved in an accident and another person is injured you should

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The Traffic signal is not working and there is nobody to direct the Traffic what are you supposed to do?

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If you miss an expressway exit, what should you do?

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When two cars reach an uncontrolled intersection at approximately the same time the right-of-way should be given to 

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When selling a motor vehicle to another person, you, the seller, should

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In what lane of traffic should you drive when you intend to make a right-hand turn?

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When a right turn against a red signal light is permitted, what does the law require you to do before entering the intersection and making the turn?

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Why is it necessary to look over your shoulder when changing lanes?

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If you are driving and your cellular phone rings, what should you do?

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Snow tires are good for

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At 15 Demerit points, your licence is suspended, after 30 days, the number of points on the driver’s record is 

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If your brakes fail

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When exiting an expressway you should

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If you are convicted of drinking and driving, you Will lose your driver's licence on the first offence for

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When descending a steep hill a good safe- driving practice is to

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Except when passing, what distance must be maintained between commercial vehicles travelling in the same direction on the highway outside a city, town or village?

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When approaching an intersection where a traffic signal light is red and a policeman motions you to go through, you should

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You should reduce your speed below the posted speed limits for which of the following reasons

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If you are involved in an accident that was due to your use of a cellular phone while driving

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Under which of the following conditions is it dangerous and unlawful to make a “U" turn?

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Asa level one or level two driver you will have your licence suspended if you collect 9 or more demerit points during a two year period. 60 days after suspension your record will be reduced to

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Should your right wheels drop off the roadway, what is the best way to get back in the roadway?

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Are drivers responsible for their passengers buckling up?

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A flashing green light at an intersection, where turns to the left and right are permitted, means

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When approaching a sign that reads “merging traffic” you must


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If two drivers enter an intersection from opposite directions at the same time, one going straight while the other is turning left, which vehicle has the right-of-way?

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When getting out of your car on a busy street you should open your door

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When a red signal light with a green arrow is shown at an intersection it means

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A flashing red signal light at an intersection means

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if you are driving and suddenly one of your tires blows out, you should

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How soon after a licensed driver changes his/her name or address is he/she required to notify the Ministry of Transportation and Communications?

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If you have G1 Licence, you could only drive on 400 series Highway or any road where speed is more 80 Km. Hr.

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At what level of alcohol in the blood can you be convicted of being an impaired driver?

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A flashing blue light mounted on a motor vehicle indicates

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If you are involved in an accident in which someone is injured you must 

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When may you lend your driver’s licence?

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When entering a freeway you should

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