G1 Practice Test 2024 Ontario Driving Test (UPDATED)

G1 Practice Test 2024 Ontario Driving Test (UPDATED): In addition, you can download G1 Practice Test Ontario, Canada in a PDF file. In addition, you can practice our G1 Practice Test in English, Hindi and Punjabi languages. We divided the Ontario Driving Test into three parts Knowledge Test, Traffic Signs and Rules of the Road.

Ontario G1 Practice Test. Based on the 2024 Ministry of Transportation Driver’s Handbook. Our G1 Practice Test is designed to help new drivers pass their knowledge & Road Tests with ease. Try these free sample multiple-choice questions along with things to take out to ensure you pass your G 1.G2 Road test successfully!

G1 Practice Test 2024 Ontario Driving Test (UPDATED)

G1 Practice Test 2024 Ontario

Congratulations! You’ve either just turned sixteen Or you have now decided to attain an Ontario driver’s licence. An Ontario driver’s licence is proof of your privilege to drive. As you will see, we’ve created this guide to give new drivers the basic information they will need to know to drive safely in Ontario.

The Ontario G1 Practice Test is divided into three parts to make it even easier for you. Each part will include essential information you will need to pass each test, including:

PART 1: Knowledge Test

PART II: Road Test (Gl and G2 Tests)

PART III: Things Every Driver Should Know (Bonus Section)

Ontario G1 Driving Knowledge Test

Before taking your knowledge test, you will be required to take a vision test. You will be asked to look into a machine and read out the numbers that appear as well as the location of the flashing red light (left or right side).

The G1 test comprises 40 multiple-choice questions and takes about 20 to 30 minutes to complete. It has two sections you will need to finish. The knowledge test consists of 20 questions on traffic signs and 20 questions on general driving knowledge. In total, you may not score more than four incorrect answers in each section in order to pass the test. If you fail the knowledge test, you may re-write the test after three working days. There is an additional fee of $10 for each test you write.

Read each multiple-choice question carefully and choose the best answer out of the four choices available. If you decide that answer #4 is the best answer, press “4” and when you are confident of your answer press “OK” to confirm. If the answer you have entered is correct, it will continue to the next question, otherwise, it will let you know you have answered it incorrectly

Name of the test G1 Ontario Driving Test
Class G1 and G2
Test Type Computer Based Test
Total Questions 40
Questions Type Multiple
Minimum Passing Score 80%
Fess $14.95 plus taxes
Requirements Canadian Citizenship

Ontario Driving Test

Before obtaining a full driver’s licence (G-licence) all new drivers are required to complete the Graduated Licensing System. It is a two-step process that will take a minimum of 20 months. You have up to 5 years to complete the system and it begins the day that you pass your knowledge test. The Graduated Licensing System consists of one knowledge test and two road tests. The program is designed to allow new drivers of all ages to become familiar with the rules of the road.

Class G1

Once you have passed the knowledge test you will be considered a Gl driver. As a Gl driver, you must observe the following rules:

Be accompanied by a fully licensed driver, who has at least four years Of driving experience or a licensed driving instructor, both Of whom must has a blood alcohol level Of less than .05 percent.

The accompanying driver must be the only other person in the front seat. The number of passengers in the vehicle are limited to the number of working seat belts. You must have a zero blood alcohol level while operating a vehicle Refrain from driving between midnight to 5:00 a.m.

Refrain from driving on Ontario’s “400-series” highways or on expressways such as the Queen Elizabeth Way, Don Valley Parkway, Gardiner Expressway, E. C. Row Expressway and the Conestoga Parkway. You may, however, drive on any of these roads if you are accompanied by an Ontario licensed driving instructor

This stage lasts for a minimum of 12 months before a new driver can take the Gl road test. It can be reduced to 8 months if you successfully pass a Ministry-approved drivers education course. You may also be eligible for a reduction in insurance rates later on.


Class G2:

Once you have passed the Gl road test you will be considered to have more experience and can drive on your own without an accompanying driver on any Ontario road at any time. However, there are still a few limitations while you are driving: You must still maintain a zero blood alcohol level while driving:

  • • Limit the number of passengers in the vehicle to the number of working seat belts

New rules for teenage G2 drivers* , effective September 1, 2005. These new rules apply between midnight to 5 a.m. if you are a teenage driver:

  • In the first six months after receiving your G2 licence, you are not allowed to carry more than one passenger who is aged 19 or under.
  • After six months with your G2 licence and until you obtain your full G-licence or turn 20, you are allowed to carry up to three passengers aged 19 or under.

Requirements for driving in Ontario:

  • Residents of Ontario must be at least 16 years old and have a valid Ontario driver’s licence to drive in this province.

Official URL: Get a G driver’s licence: new drivers