Delaware DMV Practice Test 2024 with Study Guide and Manual

Delaware DMV Practice Test 2024 with Study Guide and Manual. The Division of the Delaware Department of Transportation, Delaware is responsible for driver licensing. You can try our free Delaware DMV Practice Permit Test for the driving permit written exam test.

In 2010, The Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) began issuing secure driver licenses and identification cards to meet Federal Identification standards. The Federal identification standards affected what was needed to apply for or renew your driver’s license or identification card.

Delaware DMV Practice Test 2024 with Study Guide and Manual

Delaware DMV Practice Test 2024

Delaware DMV Practice Test 2024 PDF

Delaware Learner’s Permit Test 2024

The actual Class D knowledge test consists of 30 questions of which 24 must be answered correctly to pass the test. All of the answers are found in the Delaware Driver’s Manual.

Test Name Delaware DMV Knowledge Test
Administered By DE Department of Motor Vehicles
Purpose To get a learner’s permit
Total Questions 30 questions
Question Type Multiple Choice
Passing Score You must correct 24 answers to pass
Re-Take Allow
Time Limit Not timed

The purpose of the learner’s permit is to enable you to drive the class of motor vehicle for which you want a driver’s license. Before a learner’s permit will be issued, you must pass an eye screen and written test. After you pass these tests and pay the required fee, a learner’s permit is issued.

While you are learning to drive you must be accompanied by a licensed driver who is qualified to drive the class of vehicle in which you are training, and they must be at least 21 years of age. To obtain your license, you must take a road test at the same location that issued the permit but not until 10 days after the permit was issued.

If you do not pass the road test within the 6 month period, you are permitted one extension of the learner’s permit for an additional 6 months, provided the application is made and a second fee of $5.00 is paid before the original permit expiration date, otherwise your fee is forfeited.

Delaware Driver Examination

The purpose of the driver examination is to determine whether you have sufficient knowledge and driving skills necessary to drive safely on Delaware highways. The examination consists of four parts.

Vision Screening

  • Your vision will be screened to determine whether you can see well enough to drive safely. If the screening shows that you need glasses or contact lenses, your license certificate will be marked to indicate that you cannot drive legally without them. The minimum acceptable vision for a Delaware driver’s license is 20/40, with or without glasses or contact lenses. Permission for daylight-only driving may be granted if your vision is between 20/40 and 20/50.

Highway Sign And Signal Test

  • You will be asked to identify certain highway signs only by their shape, color, or the symbols appearing on them. You will also have to explain the meaning of these and other highway signs, traffic signals, and pavement markings.

Rules Of The Road Test

  • You will be asked to answer a series of questions based on Delaware’s rules of the road, motor vehicle laws and safety practices. For example, you might be asked what the speed limit is for automobiles on two-lane roads; what actions are taken when you see a flashing red signal ahead; or under what conditions you should not pass another vehicle.

Road Test

  • You are eligible to take a Class D or motorcycle road exam 10 days after you pass the knowledge exam. Road exams are given on every weekday, except Wednesday. DMV offers 2 easy and convenient options for you to schedule your road exam when you feel you are ready. You may use DMV’s online My Road Test scheduler or call your local DMV office to speak with a DMV technician.

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