DMV Practice Test 2024 (New Rules Updated)

DMV Practice Test 2022 (New Rules Updated): The Motor Vehicle -Department of Revenue Permit Practice Test. Try our free 25 DMV actual test question answers.

The  DMV issues vehicle titles, maintains vehicle records, administers the Mandatory Liability Insurance law, issues motor vehicle regulatory licenses, and administers the International Registration Plan (IRP) and International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) programs.

A driver’s license will not be issued to an individual unless-and until all driver’s licenses in the person’s possession are surrendered to ALEA. The minimum driving age is 16. However, there are certain exceptions and restrictions:

DMV Driver's Written Permit Practice Test

DMV Practice Test 2024

Test Name DMV Practice Test 2024
Test Fees Free
Test contains traffic laws, and rules of safe driving
Test purpose obtain a learner’s license permit
Test mode online
Total Questions 25 MCQs
Minimum Passing Score 80%
State USA
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DMV Practice Test
Total Items: 25
Time Limit: N/A
Minimum Passing Score" 80%
License Category: Learner's Permit Test
Vehicle Category: Non-Commercial
Content: Traffic laws and rules of safe driving of DOT/DMV U.S.A

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Who must yield when a driver is turning and a pedestrian is crossing without A traffic light?

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When driving near a blind pedestrian who is carrying a white cane or using a guide dog, you should:

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You need to use extra caution when driving near a pedestrian using a white cane because:

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When traveling behind a motorcycle:

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If you are driving behind a motorcycle, you must:

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When you drive through an area where children are playing, you should expect them:

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When passing a bicyclist, you should:

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The top major crash type for 16 year old drivers in pennsylvania is:

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Preparing to smoke and smoking while driving:

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Drivers who eat and drink while driving:

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Lanes of traffic moving in the opposite direction are divided by ____ lines

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At an intersection controlled by a stop sign, if you can’t get a good view of Cross-street traffic when you stop behind the white top bar painted on the Pavement, you should

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Teenage drivers are more likely to be involved in a crash when:

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When a truck driver behind you wants to pass your vehicle, your speed should:

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At night, it is hardest to see:

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An orange triangle on the back of a vehicle indicates that vehicle:

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When a school bus has its lights flashing and its stop arm extended, you must:

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The only time you do not have to stop for a school bus whose red lights are flashing and stop arm is extended is when you:

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If you are following a truck that swings left before making a right turn at an Intersection, you should remember that it is very dangerous to:

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If you stop at a railroad crossing with more than one track

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When sharing the road with a truck, it is important to remember that, in general, Trucks:

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Before passing another vehicle you should:

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When you are planning to make a turn, you should activate your turn signals:

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If you need to slow down or stop when other drivers may not expect it, You should

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After a train has passed, you should

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