DMV Permit Practice Test 2024 (NEW RULES)

DMV Permit Practice Test 2024 (NEW RULES): The real DMV permit test will have 30 questions, and you’ll need to answer 24 of them to reach the 80% passing score. Here we focus on the non-commercial vehicle permit test.

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Under the laws of the DMV, every person (with some exceptions) must be licensed to operate a motor vehicle on public streets and roadways. DMV issues driver’s licenses.

DMV Driver's Written Permit Practice Test

DMV Permit Practice Test 2024 (NEW RULES)

Test Name DMV Permit Test 2024
Test Fees Free
Test contains traffic laws, and rules of safe driving
Test purpose obtain a learner’s license permit
Test mode online
Total Questions 25 MCQs
Minimum Passing Score 80%
State USA
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Permit Practice Test
Total Items: 25
Time Limit: N/A
Minimum Passing Score" 80%
License Category: Learner's Permit Test
Vehicle Category: Non-Commercial
Content: Traffic laws and rules of safe driving of DOT/DMV U.S.A

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Your blind spot is the area of the road:

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You should honk your horn when you:

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When traveling below 40 miles per hour on a limited access highway, you should:

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If your turn signals fail, you should use _____ to indicate you are turning.

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The driver is:

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To help avoid crashes, you should:

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Before backing up, you should:

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When you park on the roadway, you should:

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Before changing lanes on a multi-lane highway you should:

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25. Before passing another vehicle, you should signal:

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If you begin to feel tired while driving, the best thing to do is:

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If another car is in danger of hitting you, you should:

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The driver is:

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Before turning, you should:

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Your brake lights tell other drivers that you:

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You may honk your horn when you:

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If a vehicle using high beams comes toward you, you should look towards _____Of the road.

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If a vehicle using high beams comes toward you, you should:

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You must use your headlights when other vehicles are not visible from _____ feet away

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The effect that lack of sleep has on your safe driving ability is the same as:

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Teenagers should try to get at least ___ of sleep each night to avoid the risk of drowsy driving crashes.

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If another driver cuts you off in traffic, you should:

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If someone is driving aggressively behind you, you should:

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For an average person, how many minutes does the body need to process the alcohol in one drink?

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