California DMV Practice Test 2024 CA Written Permit Test [PDF]

California DMV Practice Test 2024 CA (California) Written Permit Test [PDF]: The Department of Motor Vehicles, California is responsible for issuing driving licenses on behalf of the Department of the cabinet-level California State Transportation Agency. Try our free California DMV Permit Practice Test for free. It will help your written exam preparation better. In addition, you can download a printable PDF for further study.

Before you can get a driver’s license in California, you need to pass a knowledge test. This test shows that you understand driving laws and feel comfortable behind the wheel. It covers everything from driving basics to the rules of the road and safe driving habits.

California DMV Practice Test 2024 CA (California) Written Permit Test [PDF]

California DMV Practice Test 2024

Studying for the California DMV written test can be overwhelming. That’s why we created a “California DMV Practice Test 2024” version of the official California Driver Handbook that makes learning the most commonly tested topics simple, easy, and fun.

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DMV Practice Test 2022-2023 California

DMV Practice Test 2022-2023 California
License Type: Common for all
Test Type: Knowledge Test
Total Question: 46
Passing Marks:
You need to correct 38 Answers out of 45

1 / 20

Which of the following increases your chances of being involved in a crash?

2 / 20

The speed limit when driving through a blind intersection (with no stop sign or signal) is:

3 / 20

If you are issued a traffic citation, you must:

4 / 20

If you are involved in a “fender bender” or minor collision:

5 / 20

You are required by law to _______ when entering a road construction zone in California.

6 / 20

Managing space is a defensive driving skill that involves:

7 / 20

It is illegal for anyone to operate a vehicle in California if their blood alcohol level (BAC) is _______ or higher.

8 / 20

When are you required to wear a seat belt?

9 / 20

One important fact to know about large trucks is:

10 / 20

Unless otherwise posted, the speed limit in a school zone is:

11 / 20

If you are driving after sunset or before sunrise, you must:

12 / 20

In California, traffic violations stay on your driving record for at least

13 / 20

How often should you check your tire pressure?

14 / 20

A safe following distance in good driving conditions is:

15 / 20

When driving, you should:

16 / 20

If a police car turns on its siren behind you, you should:

17 / 20

Why is it important to adjust the driver’s seat?

18 / 20

A traffic signal with a steady red light means:

19 / 20

California’s Basic Speed Limit Law says:

20 / 20

If a school bus stops ahead of you and turns on its flashing red lights, you are legally required to:

Your score is

The average score is 88%

California DMV Practice Test 2024 PDF

Topics covered in our CA Written Permit Test [PDF]

  • 1. Preparing to drive
  • 2. Driver & passenger safety
  • 3. California speed limits 4. Driving skills
  • 5. California driving laws
  • 6. Sharing the road
  • 7. Traffic signals, and
  • 8. Road signs

We have also added the following full-length practice test that is designed to simulate a real California DMV written exam. We wish you the best of luck on the exam and as a new driver!

DMV Driver’s License Tests

Here is an overview of the driver’s license tests:

Vision Test: DMV tests all applicants to make sure they can see well enough to drive.

Behind-the-Wheel Driving Test: You will be tested on your driving ability to show that you can safely handle a vehicle.

California DMV Written Test 2024

In California, Permit Test Questions are taken from the CA driver’s handbook Study Guide. Please thoroughly study the Study Guide before taking the examination. An 80% or higher score is required to pass the written test.

You need to understand traffic laws and safety to get your driver’s license. When you apply for an original driver’s license, you must pass a knowledge test.

Test California DMV Practice Test
Administered by California DMV
Total Questions 25
Question Type MCQs
Exam Mode Online Test
Minimum Passing Marks Must correct 38 answers out of 46
Time Limit No Limit
Negative marking NO penalty for incorrect answer

California Learner’s Permit

The first milestone on the road to getting your California driver’s license (DL) is to obtain your provisional instruction permit, sometimes called a “learner’s permit.” This is for people who are learning to drive and working on the requirements to get a DL.

If you are under 18 years old, you are a minor. You can apply for a minor’s (provisional) instruction permit and a provisional driver’s license with the approval of your parent(s) or legal guardian(s).

Instruction Permit Instruction Permit Motorcycle Instruction Permit
Age 15 ½ but under 18. at least 18. at least 15 ½.
Parent(s)/guardian(s) sign





Vision Test

Knowledge Test

CA DMV License Types

There are four types of noncommercial DLs:

  1. Basic DL (Class C)
  2. Motorcycle (Class M1 or M2)
  3. Travel trailer/fifth wheel (Noncommercial Class A)
  4. Housecar/motorhome (Noncommercial Class B)

California DMV Study Guide

It covers everything from driving basics to the rules of the road and safe driving habits. We created this driver’s handbook to help you prepare for your test. The test questions are all taken from this handbook. The handbook also has resources like details about California DMV, making changes to your driver’s license, and more.

Before you can get a DL in California, you’ll need to pass relevant knowledge and drive tests to show that you understand the rules of the road and are comfortable driving the vehicle that the license will allow you to drive. We put together these resources to help you prepare for these tests.