HACCP Food Safety Manager Exam Practice Test 2024

HACCP Food Safety Manager Exam Practice Test 2024. You play a major role in keeping food safe. As part of your job, you need to know how to protect the public from foodborne illness. Taking the Certified Food Safety HACCP Manager (CFSHM) examination will help you measure how well you understand HACCP food safety principles and how to apply this knowledge in the workplace.

Food handlers play a major role in keeping food safe. This program will understand food safety and how to apply this understanding in the work Privacy statement Environmental Health Testing (EH T) will safeguard the privacy of candidates, where applicable, and will hold in confidence and in a secure manner the information obtained in the course of certificate program activities at all levels of the organization, including those of the Certificate Advisory Panel and subcontractors acting on its behalf.

HACCP Food Safety Manager Exam Practice Test 2024

HACCP Food Safety Manager Exam Practice Test 2024

The following sample questions are provided as examples of the types of questions that will appear on the exam. These samples are provided primarily to allow you to become familiar with the format of the questions. They should not be viewed as representative of the entire content of the exam. These exact questions will not be on the exam.

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HACCP Food Safety Manager Practice Test

HACCP Food Safety Manager Practice Test. Food Safety First Principles for Food Handlers Program provides food handlers with the basic knowledge they need to safely handle food for human consumption. Successful completion of the program assures food managers, regulators, and trainers that the certificate holder has completed a basic course in food safety. The Food Safety First Principles for Food Handlers Certificate Program is based on the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food Code and is recommended for workers involved in the preparation, handling, serving, and displaying of food. Formal food safety training is not uniformly required by law in all local and state health juristrictions. Check with the local or state health department in your area.

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What is the first step you must take when performing a hazard analysis?

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The purpose of a ______ is to provide a clear, simple outline of the steps involved in a food process

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An example of a critical control point is:

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Determining the likelihood of a hazard occurring

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When establishing a HACCP plan, what should be the first law or rule to consult?

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The MOST important step during a recall requires that a food establishment

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An activity that may be mandated by the Food and Drug Administration, but is handled by the food establishment is:

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To effectively manage a HACCP team requires

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Which of the following information is required on the label of a food product container (for compliance with applicable codes and regulations) intended for the end consumer?

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Corrective actions are put into practice

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A comprehensive HACCP system validation should be done at least

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How can a hazard be controlled by an operational prerequisite program?

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A food processing plant that produces canned salmon may use which of the following regulations as a pre-requisite program?

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When is the BEST time to update a HACCP plan?

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The BEST method for validating the critical limits and critical control points of a HACCP plan is by

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Who is the person MOST likely to perform a corrective action?

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In a HACCP plan an effective verification exercise is

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The first line of food defense is

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Complying with applicable laws and regulations is useful for

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What is necessary when considering the standard of identity of a product?

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The training program for an effective food safety management system should begin by

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Calibrating an oven to make sure cooking temperatures are correct is

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If a supervisor were to take a food temperature after an employee, it is a tool use for ________.

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What is the first step a food safety manager should take to address food employees who may come to work ill?

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Which one of the following is considered a Pre-requisite Program?

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When reviewing product and process for developing a HACCP plan,

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The MOST important element in starting an effective food safety management system is

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When conducting a review for continuing improvement of a HACCP plan, it is MOST important to

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In a food safety management system a hazard may be prevented by having controls established in the

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Part of monitoring involves

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A good example of a verification exercise is

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The known food allergens are considered a hazard when

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A criterion which separates acceptability from unacceptability is a

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Which is the MOST important element in a food defense plan?

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A potential hazard identified in a HACCP plan is

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A solid foundation for the production of safe food is BEST defined as

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Knowledge of an emerging pathogen

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When assembling the HACCP team the MOST important thing to consider is

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A food employee sees that the food product being cooked has not reached the proper temperature within the proper time; the next step required is to

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Wherever possible knowing the _______ of a hazard should be included when performing a hazard analysis

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