California Firearm Safety Certificate Test (30 Questions Answers)

California Firearm Safety Certificate Test (FSC) (30 Questions Answers): Bureau of Firearms | State of California – Department of Justice is administered the FSC test and published the answers keys. We provide free FSC Practice test questions. There are 10 true/false questions and 20 multiple-choice questions. Select the most correct answer to each question.

California Firearm Safety Certificate Test (30 Questions Answers)

Simply reading this sample permit practice test will not make you a safe firearm owner. To obtain an FSC, you must take the DOJ written test and receive a passing score of at least 75% (the information needed to pass the test is contained in this study guide).

California Firearm Safety Certificate Test (30 Questions Answers)

Name of the training and certificate program California Firearms Safety Certificate
Type of Test Sample Test
Passing Score 75% or higher.
Question Pattern Ten (10) true/false questions and 20 multiple choice questions
Administered by California Department of Justice
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Firearm Safety Certificate Test

Firearm Safety Certificate Test


Please be aware: Per California Penal Code section 31645(b), an applicant who fails to pass the Firearm Safety Certificate test may not retake the test under any circumstance until 24 hours have lapsed. Doing so may lead to legal action and conviction of a misdemeanor (Pen. Code § 31615, subds.(a)(1) and (b)).

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When a person is convicted of a felony offense, he/she is prohibited from owning or possessing firearms for what length of time?

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Caliber information can typically be found on:

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The first thing you should do when cleaning your firearm is:

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You can safely assume a semiautomatic firearm is unloaded if its magazine has been removed.

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Easy access to loaded firearms in homes is a major cause of accidental shootings involving children.

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Generally, it is legal to carry a concealed firearm in public under which of the following circumstances?

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Which of the following steps will help "childproof" a firearm kept in your home?

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It is legal to sell a firearm, without completing the transfer through a licensed firearms dealer, to:

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The safety on a firearm should be used:

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The use of lethal force may be lawful when defending yourself from which of the following attempted crimes?

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Shooting a firearm into the air is an unsafe and often illegal way of celebrating a holiday.

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It can be unsafe to shoot at which of the following?

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The legal right of self-defense ends when there is no further physical danger from an assailant.

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You may be guilty of "criminal storage of a firearm" if you keep a loaded firearm where a child obtains access to the firearm and thereby causes injury or death, or carries the firearm to a public place.

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Rule #1 from the Rules for Kids is:

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Generally, it is illegal to carry a loaded handgun in public.

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You should assume a firearm is loaded:

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A basic safety rule when handling a firearm is to know your:

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The sale or transfer of a firearm between two private parties (non-dealers) must be completed through a licensed firearms dealer only if the buyer and seller do not personally know each other.

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Which of the following is a legal and safe way of transporting your firearm in a motor vehicle?

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Trigger locks and cable locks are designed to prevent unauthorized individuals from firing your firearm.

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To legally purchase a long gun in California you must be at least:

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You should always keep your finger off the trigger until:

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Most ammunition can penetrate residential doors and walls.

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When your firearm and ammunition are not in use, you should make sure:

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To legally purchase a handgun in California you must be at least:

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Shooting incorrect ammunition in your firearm could result in:

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You are responsible for a firearm stored in your house:

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The safest direction to point a firearm is:

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As a firearm owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that all your firearms are:

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