Alberta Class 7 Knowledge Test Questions and Answers

Alberta Class 7 Knowledge Test Questions and Answers: A person 14 years of age or older may apply for a learner’s Driver’s Licence. A parent or guardian must give consent on the application if the person applying is under 18 years of age.

For learning and while accompanied by a fully licensed driver, the holder of a class 7 driver’s licence may operate, the following: • a vehicle or vehicle-trailer combination that the holder of a Class 5 driver’s licence may operate • a motorcycle (must be 16 years of age or older when learning with a supervisor who holds a Class 6 non-GDL licence) • a moped.

Alberta Class 7 Knowledge Test Questions and Answers

Test Name Alberta Class 7 Practice Test 2024
Province Alberta
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Alberta Class 7 Knowledge Test Questions and Answers 2023

Alberta Class 7 Knowledge Test Questions and Answers 2023

Passing Mark: 81%

Test Language: English

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White or clear lights at the rear of a vehicle mean that

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If you see a red ""X" above your lane, you should

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When you've entered an acceleration lane before merging with highway traffic, you should NOT

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Under Alberta law, cyclists under 18 years of age must wear

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When leaving a roundabout or traffic circle, you should

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What does the following sign indicate?

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Which of the following statements about vehicle insurance is true?

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Underinflated tires may cause

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Flashing yellow traffic light means

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When a pedestrian has indicated his or her intention to cross the street, you must

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Areas, where you cannot see cyclists or other vehicles in your mirrors, are called

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Under icy road conditions, in general, most collisions are caused by:

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When approaching an oncoming vehicle at night, you should switch to low-beam headlights before you get with in what distance of it?

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Properly positioned head restraints can greatly reduce

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When another vehicle is merging into your lane from the right, you should

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Other than cases of necessity, who is permitted to use the shoulder of a highway?

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To exit a highway safely, you should

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When you are driving behind another vehicle, you should maintain

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A vehicle ahead of you has flashing amber and red lights. The vehicle is most likely which of the following?

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If your breath test shows a breath alcohol concentration between 0.05% and 0.08% and it was your first such offence,

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On a multi-lane highway, slower traffic should travel in

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What does this road sign mean?

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The holder of a Class 6 operator's licence may operate which of the following vehicles?

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What does "skidding' mean?

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If you are driving 30-90 km/h and the road and traffic conditions are good, you should maintain a gap between your car and the vehicle ahead of at least:

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When entering a tunnel on a sunny day, you should:

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ABS in vehicles assists drivers in petforming

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Which vehicles may be equipped with a combination of flashing red and white lights?

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When you see a train sounding a signal and approaching within 500 metres, you must

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Fashing amber and red lights on a vehicle indicate:

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